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The Salsa Ladies Styling online intensives are designed to help strengthen your fundamentals while you work from the ground up! Add styling and body movement with control, smoothness, and musicality.

People Love The intensives

The workshops have been amazing!

Your instructions are clear and concise. Class begins with a slow methodical warm up and isolations, then move to the basic foot step technique which have been so helpful. I have enjoyed your choreography as it includes some of the basic principles and movements that were introduced beforehand during the warmup. Also very informative are the response to student's questions.

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SLS Client

Your drills are awesome!

I appreciate your patience to go over a few challenging moves several times which I find helpful. I'm an intermediate-beginner and still learning. Overall, I really enjoyed the class despite not able to follow the whole choreo completely. I will definitely watch the both the replay to practice when I am not so busy with work.

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Wendy VOS

SLS Client

I think you guys are created a platform that is amazing.

I'm too shy to comment during the live classes but I wanted to let you know that your classes have been so helpful for me and I'm sure for many others during this time. Dancing has always been my outlet and you've been able to provide that in the comfort of my own home. I think you guys are created a platform that is amazing. I've joined your membership as well. I think if you keep posting videos, this will continue to grow. I loved your styling class and told a few of my friends to join. Everyone is home and I'm sure needs that something to keep them sane. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you and I'm looking forward to class this Saturday!

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SLS Client

I absolutely love your Ladies Styling classes!

I find them a blend of On2 Salsa with a Yamulee influence mixed with traditional Jazz dance. Your warm-up directly applies to the choreography. The choreo is created in sections so each level can focus at a specific phrase or keep progressing through. It's great to have the arms and body movements given as options i.e., one can do the step sequence only, add arms if desired, hips and body rolls for more involvement. Plus, the total choreo at each phrase is described in detail making it very understandable. I love how you change out the music for different tempos and several music choices make it easy to hear the percussion at the "Cun Cun Pa." Also, your new audio and camera set up is much better!

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SLS Client

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Maria palmieri

Founder of Salsa Ladies Styling

Maria’s love for dance transcends into her love for life. Dance for Maria is not only about moving your body but something much more important. For her, dance is life.

Dance teaches you self-awareness, expression, how to give and take, and ultimately, how to live a happy and healthy life in balance.

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