Salsa Ladies Styling Intensive NYC – August 2016

Join top NYC Salsa Divas for a Challenging & Unique Experience
Some of NYC’s best get together under one roof and offer their best
knowledge of technique, body movement, arm styling, Pachanga,
Funk, Musicality & much more.

These workshops are organized by Maria Palmieri is co-owner of
JoelSalsa Dance Studio in NYC where she teaches regularly group
classes as well as Salsa Styling Bootcamps, Musicality courses & Private

Salsa Ladies Styling Intensives was Maria’s goal to get all of NYC’s
best under one roof to teach many different styles and give the ladies
something they have been waiting for!

Instructors include Karel Flores, Maria Ramos, Katherine, Jimenez,
Maria Palmieri, Melissa Rosado, Desiree Godsell, Delia Madera,
Shani Talmor, Melanie Castillo & more…..

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Next one is November 26th, 2016 at Adelante Studios from 12-5pm.
Must get tickets prior to the event