Next Online Intensive

June 13 & 14, 2020

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm EDT

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Get ready to take your dancing to the next level with this Styling Intensive course that will help you strengthen your fundamentals and work from the ground up!

This will help you add styling and body movement with control, smoothness and musicality!

We will start with a warm up leading into drills of pushing and using the floor to stay grounded, more controlled and always keeping the dance momentum with your timing.

Working our way to arm drills so you get the muscle memory you need to be able to style as you do turns or shines!

Towards the end of the intensive, we will work on body isolations and body movement so you can become more fluid in your shines and partner work.

At the end, we will implement our exercises and drills into a choreography so you can see how everything comes together and become a well versed dancer! This will also challenge you so you can take your dancing to the next level.

Join Us for a Sexy, Challenging & Unique Experience!

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Workshop Schedule

1:30pm - Maria - Stepping, Grounding & Hip Motion

2:30pm - Nancy - Arm Styling & Drills

------ Short Break -------

3:40pm - Claudia - Body Movement & Technique

4:30pm - Choreography/Shines & Styling with all 3 instructors combining and implementing all of the drills & techniques we learned first 3 hours